Malta School of Performing Arts

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The School of Performing Arts, or SOPA, is a reputable school of creative arts in Malta. SOPA is known for developing unique performance-based training programmes in numerous creative fields, such as music, drama, and dance.

SOPA proudly states that the high aspirations and strong dedication shown by its students fuel its training programmes. Every training programme in the school is designed to inspire students to explore and enhance their artistic potential. Thus, with the help of the best-qualified tutors in the industry, students of SOPA develop worthy artistic skills and a distinctive approach to performance while studying.

Hundreds of creative artists have graduated from SOPA during the course of its proud history. Some of its brightest talents include Cliff Zammit Stevens, Larissa Bonaci, Clare Ghigo, and Christina Aquilina. These recent students of the school have made names for themselves as popular dancers, singers, and musicians in Malta and abroad.