Exploring Maltese Art

The history of Maltese art embraces the various cultures and traditions of the many nations that inhabited the Republic of Malta throughout the centuries. Maltese people have contributed much to the development of the country’s culture, including its arts, architecture, sculpture and, of course, its music. Such is the richness of this heritage that the merest glance is guaranteed to touch the heart of all who witness it, irrespective of their passion for the arts. 

Malta now hosts numerous concerts featuring both local and international musicians, as well as multiple exhibitions of modern artists, folklore festivals, and the famous Maltese Carnival,which attracts enthusiasts and artists from all over the world. The centre of cultural life in Malta is the capital city, Valletta, where one can find countless art galleries, museums, and theatres, as well as a multitude of musical and cultural events. Some of the locations that one must surely visit include:

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